Do you need to move heavy equipment, special, expect gauge or to delocalize your factory ? We place at your disposal our specialized team which will undertake to suggest to you a logistic solution adapted to your request.
Thanks to our partnership with Rhenus logistics and KOG, we will assure you the continuity of all the supply chain of and towards the international one, of exit of the factory towards the dedicated site.
We will organize you the follow-up of the logistic operations and will combine the solutions of transports in order to make an offer in agreement with your requirements.
The logistic projects require a meticulous preparation. The height of bridge, the width of a road can constitute a blocking element leading to the failure of the project. Thus, at MARS LOGISTIQUE®, engineering constitutes a key element to guarantee the success of your project within the time limit.
How do we proceed ?
  • Study of the features of the equipment to be transported
  • Preparation of average logistics adequate (frame, cradle,case,rail,crane,..) and of the means of lifting:
  • Pre-routing since point of collection towards point of consolidation or loading in heavy load.
  • Storage and preparation of the goods (case, pallet,rail,..)
  • Loading/Unloading with specific means of lifting (crane long range for a high capacity of lifting)
  • Transport towards wearing of destination
  • Operation of unloading
  • Transfer to the point of delivery (study of the diagrams of routing, heavy load, administrative authorization…)