MARS LOGISTIQUE® provides you with all the strategic and operational ways (means) which will allow you to optimize the intermodal functions (offices) in the harbor chain (channel). These actions (shares) will help you to realize the operations of a port (bearing) in a faster and efficient way.
Freighting and consignment ship

Types of ships :

  • Container ship
  • RORO
  • BIBO
  • Homogenous cargo
  • cereal

Types of goods :

  • Containers: Any containerized goods
  • RO RO : Trailers and machines
  • BIBO : Oil, sugar
  • Homogenous cargo: Case, Bigbag, reinforcing bar, cement, wood
  • Cereal: Wheat, corn, barley

Assistance ship :

  • Administrative declaration (crew, plant health) and customs, announcement ship in roads, announcement ship level harbor office, attribution, quay, accosting, administrative declaration (number crew, gauge, oil,…etc) and customs (expresses)
  • Crew changes: Change of crew ,administrative formalités (visa, transfer, transit,…etc)
  • Supply: Change of parts, fuel, equipment, …etc)

Harbor operations :

  • Declaration ship
  • Planning of the operations
  • Order of the means and teams (harbourcrane, mobile crane, spreader, slings, stacker forklift, trucks…shift day/night and weekend).